WCClean.txt is the base data from which we extracted WCNodes and WCEdges. WCNodes contains the nodes line by line. WCEdges contains the edges. The format of WCEdges: Blank lines are there just for readability and should be ignored. Line starting with keyword YEAR: This is the year of the following matches Line with a (tournament) match: country1 , country2 , result [, addition ] Usually, country1 won the match, except if it was a draw. The format of the result is: x:y if the match was finished regulary x:y (z:z) if the match was finished with penalty shooting. Here x:y is the SUM of goals in the regular time AND the penalty shooting. (z:z) is the result after the regular time. Warning: a result of -1 happens once. This was the case when Sweden won against Austria without a match because Austria withdrew, so this is counted as -1 goals. The additions are optional. The meaning of the additions: (W) The loser withdrew. (R) This was a regular match, but the same match was repeated as a decision match. (D) This was a decision match. Decision matches happen for different reasons: a) the first match between those contestants was a draw b) at the end of the group round, the contestants had an equal amount of points in a group (P) This was a match with penalty shootings The world champions of soccer: 1930 Uruguay 1934 Italy 1938 Italy 1950 Uruguay 1954 W. Germany 1958 Brazil 1962 Brazil 1966 England 1970 Brazil 1974 W. Germany 1978 Argentina 1982 Italy 1986 Argentina 1990 W. Germany 1994 Brazil 1998 France 2002 Brazil 2006 Italy It is allowed to include other relevant information into the visualization. For example, the political changes in the participating countries (example: Germany -> W. Germany, E. Germany -> Germany).