The final version of your paper has to be send to proceedings [AT] no later than September 9.


The lectures will be held in the Hörsaal am Forum (Audimax, building no. 30.96). This is a new, modern, and efficient auditorium, equipped with beamers, overhead projectors, and flip charts, but without blackboards. We will provide a computer for presentations in Powerpoint and PDF format if you do not want to bring your own notebook.


  1. All papers should be prepared in the Springer Lecture Notes format LNCS. Please consult the information for LNCS authors at springer for more details. You will find answers to most of your technical questions there.
  2. Prepare your paper in LaTeX2e using the LLNCS style available from Springer, and using the standard header from the sample file. Do not use any other styles or macros, and do not modify the Springer style files.
  3. The page number limits are as follows:
    • Long theory - 12 pages
    • Short theory - 6 pages
    • Long demo - 12 pages
    • Short demo - 6 pages
    • Poster - 2 pages
  4. Prepare an archive file (e.g., zip, tgz) containing:
    • a PS or PDF file with the final camera-ready submission. Please ensure that all fonts are embedded and that the file can be printed.
    • all source files. The source file should be a LaTeX file as required by LNCS. You should include any necessary additional source files, such as images or figures as separate files. Include figures as PostScript.
    Send this archive file to proceedings [AT]
  5. Fill in and sign the copyright form and send it by fax to +49 721 608 4211.

Poster Preparation

Authors of papers invited in the "poster" category are requested to prepare and bring to the conference a poster of their work. The poster will be displayed on poster boards in the area of the conference hall throughout the conference. Each poster board is 1.00m wide by 1.40m high. We recommend to adopt the portrait (and not the landscape) orientation.