Call for Participation

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The 13th Annual Graph Drawing Contest shall be held in conjunction with the 14th International Symposium on Graph Drawing. Except for the challenge competition, which takes place during the conference, all submissions are due by September 15, 2006. The anticipated funding for the contest is € 1,000.

Contest Overview

This year, the contest has five graph categories. The following links provide details and data for each category.
  • Free-Style Competition

    The free-style competition is an opportunity for participants to present their best graph visualizations. All types of graph drawings can be submitted to this contest, and judging will be based on artistic merit and relevance to the graph drawing community.

  • Theoretical Graph Competition

    The theoretical graph is a "mystery" graph of 101 nodes and 190 edges.

  • History of the World Cup Graph Competition

    For this category, we simply provide data representing all the games played throughout the history of the FIFA World Cup Finals. The task is to visualize the tournaments played over the years as an evolving graph.

  • Java Dependency Graph Competition

    The Java Dependency graph consists of nodes representing Java classes and directed edges representing (compile-time) dependencies between the classes.

  • Graph Drawing Challenge

    The challenge will be held during the conference in a format similar to a typical programming contest, where teams are presented with a collection of challenge-graphs and have approximately one hour to submit their highest scoring drawings. This year the challenge shall focus on minimizing the area of straight-line grid drawings of planar graphs.


Submissions for all categories, except for the Challenge, must be received by midnight September 15 and should include the following information:

  • names and email addresses of the contributors,
  • a picture (or movie) illustrating the graph (graphs), and
  • a brief description of the graph, how it was generated, and its relevance to the problem or the graph drawing community.

Electronic submissions are strongly encouraged. However, if your drawing requires special printing because of size, resolution, or color constraints, you are encouraged to submit via hard-copy. Acceptable electronic formats include PDF and PostScript for static images. For dynamic graphs or animations, please use mpg or avi files. Movies should be made using standard codecs.

All contest submissions should be sent to:

Christian Duncan
Computer Science Program
P. O. Box 10348
Louisiana Tech University
Ruston, LA 71272, USA

Contest Committee

Questions or comments should be sent to Christian.Duncan(at)