Karlsruhe, situated in the Rhine valley between the mountains of the Palatinate, the Vosges and the Black Forest, is a young and hospitable city in the heart of Europe. Joie de vivre, openness, Baden's traditional liberality and proverbial hospitality are among the most outstanding characteristics of its inhabitants. What used to be the capital and seat of the princes of Baden is now home to nearly 287,000 people. It also forms the center of the Upper Rhine region and is known both in and even outside the Federal Republic as the "seat of justice". This last attribute is the result of its being home to Germany's highest courts, namely the Federal Supreme Court and the Federal Constitutional Court. This is why "taking a case to Karlsruhe" has long since become synonymous with the rule of law.

Karlsruhe is also known as the "green city". One quarter of its land area is covered by forest and this woodland penetrates just as deep into the city as the Zoological Gardens. Indeed, the uncluttered and spacious urban landscape is full of extensive, carefully cultivated parks with magnificent old trees and beautiful gardens.